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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How to be Parisienne-chic?

Two chic Parisiennes in Cafe Dé Flore, Paris 
Paris is always a good idea, always.

On a whim last year, I visited the city of love for the 3rd time in my life and I must say that I am constantly inspired by the fashion, makeup, and food there. I was seated in the adjacent table from the women above and I couldn't help but admire how effortlessly chic and cool they looked. 

I was so inspired by this and so I wanted to share some pointers. For anyone who wants to look and feel Parisienne-chic, (whether you're visiting Paris soon or if you just feel like it), here are my tips:

  • Must wear red nails. Not the burgundy kind but more like bright hot red like O.P.I Red or Essie Fifth Avenue ✔️
  • Je ne sais quoi type great hair. Loose curls or half updo! ✔️ If you have straight hair, best to pack a dual-voltage curling iron for best results. I like GHD's 1.25 Soft Curl Curling Iron
  • Seltzer water or as the French say it, l'eau minerale pétillante (not in photo) ✔️
  • Either a Trench Coat (think flowy and relaxed and preferably in olive green) -- or -- black textured Bomber Jacket ✔️
  • Red lipstick! I am still on the hunt for my perfect red.... but almost everyone in Paris was wearing one especially on the metro, guaranteed! ✔️

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