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Friday, May 3, 2019

Best Hair Stylist in NYC and Things I Learned from Her!

I went to see my trusted hair stylist / colorist, Yoshico, last week and I wanted to rave about her because, well, I've been coming to see her for over 7 years now. Can you believe it?! She gave me my first ever Ombre / balayage look, way back when Rumi Neely made it a thing. :)

Whether or not I bring a photo in for whatever hairspo I'm going for, she gets it right all the time! (hairspo is "hair inspiration" in case you didn't know.)

As part of our ritual, I tend to ask her a lot of hair related questions... some great products she's recommended to me (and have used on me at the salon) over the years are:

  1. Ibiza Round Brushes - My favorite size is EX4 or GX4 (Large). The bristles cling onto your hair without hurting your head and the cork handle/body is what makes it light, perfect for DIY blow outs which can sometimes feel like an arm workout. Amirite, ladies? (link)
  2. Scalp Massagers - these are basically like Tangle Teezers but at the fraction of the cost. I got the 4 pack and I love how portable these are. Admittedly, the bristles are not as soft as Tangle Teezer ones, but I must say these do the job just as well. (link)
  3. Beach sprays over hair sprays - this was a shocker for me because I'm a hair spray type of girl. She recommended the Oribe Apres Beach (link) or the IGK Beach Club Texture (link). I am partial to Oribe on this one because I love the scent! Fact: Tom Ford designed the scent for Oribe which explains a lot of things.
If you want to go check out my stylist, details are below. Please tell her I sent you!

WherePierre Michel Salon
Who: Stylist Yoshico (a.k.a Alexis)
Why: Yoshico has many clients of various backgrounds which is a big plus - and trust me not all stylists in NYC do. Did I mention she gets the color and cut right every time?

Final look below!

Square Neck Top | Madewell (old)
Necklaces | Missoma

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