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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Short Hair Alert!! Who dis?

Whenever I visit the hair salon for cut and color, I almost always just get the same thing. Layered and with some low lights. Somehow this has always been safe and familiar territory.

This time I wanted to do something different. I've been wanting to cut my hair short for the long-est time. Like ever since I was in college... I used to have this friend who advised me against it because he said only certain faces can pull off the look - as if to say if you don't have Natalie Portman's face then you'll end up looking like a potato.

Well, that was when I was 20. I am a lot more confident in who I am now and I think I know a lot more about hair too/and what works with my face and overall just a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I've been saving up some hairspo pics on my instagram for that one fateful day when I can finally get this show on the road. I say this because, I went with it thinking, if it doesn't look good then I'd still be comfortable, it's just hair it'll grow back.... I already know how I'm gonna style it anyway..

[I've literally been "bending" my hair for the last, er, decade? When I say bend, it's like curling it but not really... just enough to give it that disheveled just got out of bed look. yeah I'm so into that look :) I have naturally stick straight asian hair and human as I am, I want what I don't have and that's textured hair so I rely on products and tools to get me what I want! Go get it gurllll ]

Wow. I talk too much! Here's the final result!

Also below are some of the photos that I shared with my hair stylist. For color, I asked for black hair a la Lucy Liu - and for cut, a subtle asymmetrical blunt style that tapers off just below my shoulders so that even if I don't curl it, the hair will naturally "bend"/fly away on its own.

(Photos below are not mine, credit to Google search)

I think in a few months, I'll try to go shorter (pic #2 is just so badass!)

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